Комплекс тестов для измерения уровня сформированности навыков и умений аудирования, чтения, письма учащихся седьмого класса

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1. _ is a person who is against another person in a game.

2. He told us _ our strength for the next day’s tournament.

3. Mr. Dickinson is the best _. His students have won many sports competitions.

4. He is my _. We are the members of the same team.

5. All kinds of physical activities deserve a positive _.

6. Sports always _ human character.

7. _ is an official who controls a sports game and makes sure that players do not break the rules.

8. _ is a fair or generous behaviour of the participants when they are playing a sport or game.

Тест №4 Перенос информации.

Цель: Измерение уровня сформированности навыков чтения с полным охватом содержания текста, повышение интереса к изучению английского языка и выполнению тестов.

Инструкция: Read the text and draw the playground.


Baseball is America's most popular sport. In a baseball game there are two teams of nine players. Players must hit a ball with a bat and then run around four bases. A player who goes around all the bases scores a run for his team. The team that finishes with more runs wins the game.

Тест №5 Подбор пар.

Цель: Контроль уровня знания изученных лексических единиц, развитие аналитического мышления.

Инструкция: Match the word and its description.


To be aggressive

To be able to continue doing something for a long time without getting tired

To be competitive

To behave in an angry way

To be dedicated

To have courage to do something difficult than other people

To have guts

To try very hard to be more successful than other people

To have stamina

To work very hard at what one does

Тест №6 Редактирование.

Цель: Контроль уровня усвоения лексического и грамматического материала и уровня сформированности орфографических навыков, развитие внимания.

Инструкция: Correct the mistakes in the text. There is only ONE mistake in EACH line.


Deer Polly,

How is the things going on? I know that you are busy with your studying. I am also as busy as a bee this days. Lots of homework, you know… But I usually have an active rest. I try take the advantages of good weather and go jogging in the park every morning. Today after half the hour run I feel fine. A little exercises each day helps me keep fit. Do you go in for sports, Polly? Would you like to joins any sports club? Written to me soon. Sincerely your’s, Ann


Тест №7 С-тест

Цель: Контроль уровня сформнрованностн орфографических навыков, измерение степени владения изученными лексическими единицами.

Инструкция: Fill in the first parts of the words.


There are two types of 1) _rcise: anaerobic and aerobic. Football and squash are anaerobic 2) _rcises. In anaerobic 3) _rcise, you move 4) _denly and 5) _ickly. They make your 6) _scles stronger but they don’t 7) _elp your heart very much. 8) _mming and running are aerobic 9) _rcises. In aerobic exercises, you move all the 10) _ime and breathe more 11) _ygen. The 12) _ygen goes into your 13) _lood and then to your heart 14) _ich works hard sending your blood around your 15) _ody. Aerobic 16) _rcises make your heart 17) _ronger.

Тест №8 Множественный клоуз-тест

Цель: Измерение уровня сформированности навыков правильного употребления лексических единиц в контексте, развитие чувства языка.

Инструкция: Fill in the gaps one of the given words. Not all the words can be used.


slowly, short, well, hard, quickly, ugly, carefully, loudly, big.

1. Paul rides his bike very . One day he’ll have an accident.

2. You have to train if you want to win the competition.

3. Rita plays tennis . One day she’ll be a champion.

4. The children were talking . The coach asked them to be quiet.

5. Bill was very tired after his training and he walked home .

6. You have made a lot of mistakes. You must listen to me .

Тест №9 Перестановка в логическом порядке.

Цель: Контроль уровня сформированности навыков чтения с полным охватом содержания прочитанного, развитие аналитического мышления.

Инструкция: Read the parts of the text and put them in order.


A. He has always scoring moments in the football matches.

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